Web Archives – Researcher Skills & Tools Survey (WARST)

The study is kindly seeking participation from archivists, librarians, curators, information managers, scholars, researchers, students, historians, library patrons, and members of the public.

The research is being carried out by researchers from Maynooth University, the British Library, and the International Internet Preservation Consortium. 

The survey aims to identify, and document skills and knowledge required to achieve a range of different research goals within web archiving, and for the use of the archived web for research. Please note, it is equally important to attain participation from respondents who are novice users, as it is to attain responses from regular or experienced users.

This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to fill out. For more information, please see attached a copy of the Information Sheet which contains more details about the project, the requirements, and how the data will be collected, managed, and used. 

To participate in the survey, please click here:  


We thank you for your time.

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