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08.45 Registration (Iontas Foyer)

WELCOME (Iontas Theatre)

09.30 Professor Tom O’Connor, Director of Maynooth University Arts and Humanities Institute (Bio)

KEYNOTE (Iontas Theatre)

09.40 Professor Niels Brügger (Aarhus University): Title to follow (Bio)

IIPC Overview (Iontas Theatre)

10.20 Olga Holownia (International Internet Preservation Consortium): Title to follow

Session 1a: Archiving Initiatives (Seminar R1)

10.40 Maria Ryan (National Library of Ireland): The National Library of Ireland’s Web Archive (Abstract/Bio)

11.00 Dr. Kees Teszelszky (KB – National Library of the Netherlands): Internet for everyone: the selection and harvest of the homepages of the oldest Dutch provider XS4ALL (1993-2001) (Abstract/Bio)

Session 1b: Research Engagement, User Studies, Access (Tr Lab)

10.40 Dr. Peter Mechant; Sally Chambers; Eveline Vlassenroot (Ghent University); Friedel Geeraert (KBR – Royal Library and the State Archives of Belgium): Piloting access to the Belgian web-archive for scientific research: a methodological exploration (Abstract/Bio)

11.00 Sharon Healy (Maynooth University): Awareness and Engagement with Web Archives in Irish Academic Institutions (Abstract/Bio)

11.20 BREAK

Session 2a: Archiving Collaborations (Seminar R1)

11.40 John McManus & Dr. Brendan Power (Library of Trinity College Dublin): Leveraging the UK Web Archive in an Irish context: Challenges and Opportunities (Abstract/Bio)

12.00 Sarah Haylett & Patricia Falcao (Tate): Creating a web archive at Tate: an opportunity for ongoing collaboration (Abstract/Bio)

Session 2b: Research of Web Archives (TR Lab)

11.40 Prof. Lynne M. Rudasill & Dr. Steven W. Witt (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): Opportunities for Use, Challenges for Collections: Exploring Archive-It for Sites and Synergies (Abstract/Bio)

12.00 Bartłomiej Konopa (State Archives in Bydgoszcz; Nicolaus Copernicus University): Web archiving – professionals and amateurs (Abstract/Bio)

Session 3a: Archiving Initiatives (lightning round) (Seminar R1)

12.20 Nicole Greenhouse (New York University Libraries): Managing the Lifecycle of Web Archiving at a Large Private University (Abstract/Bio)

12.30 John Sterne (TechArchives project, Ireland): Recording Ireland’s technology heritage: Lessons learned (Abstract/Bio)

12.40 Rosita Murchan (Public Record Office of Northern Ireland): PRONI Web Archive: A Collaborative Approach (Abstract/Bio)

12.50 Robert McNicol (Kenneth Ritchie Wimbledon Library): The UK Web Archive and Wimbledon: A Winning Combination (Abstract/Bio)

Session 3b: Research & Teaching (lightning round) (TR Lab)

12.20 Dr. Derek Greene (University College Dublin): Exploring Web Archive Networks: The Case of the 2018 Irish Presidential Election (Abstract/Bio)

12.30 Dr. Eamonn Bell (Trinity College Dublin): Reanimating the CDLink platform: A challenge for the preservation of mid-1990s Web-based interactive media and (Abstract/Bio)

12.40 Hannah Connell (King’s College London; British Library): Curating culturally themed collections online: The Russia in the UK Special Collection, UK Web Archive (Abstract/Bio)

12.50 Dr. Juan-José Boté (Universitat de Barcelona): Using web archives to teach and opportunities on the information science field (Abstract/Bio)

13.00 Lunch (Iontas Foyer)

Poster Session (Iontas Foyer)

Caio de Castro Mello Santos & Daniela Cotta de Azevedo Major (School of Advanced Study, University of London): Tracking and Analysing Media Events through Web Archives (Abstract/Bio)

Rob Wegter (University of Groningen): Video in Transition … Again: Valuing Early Dutch Web-based Video Producers (Abstract/Bio)

Andrea Prokopová (Webarchiv, National Library of the Czech Republic): Metadata for social science research (Abstract/Bio)

Inge Rudomino & Marta Matijević (Croatian Web Archive, National and University Library in Zagreb – NSK): An overview of 15 years of experience in archiving the Croatian web (Abstract/Bio)

KEYNOTE (Iontas Theatre)

14.00 Professor Jane Winters (School of Advanced Study, University of London): Title to follow (Bio)

Session 4b: Research Approaches (TR Lab)

14.40 Dr. Peter Webster (Independent Scholar, Historian and Consultant): Digital archaeology in the web of links: reconstructing a late-90s web sphere (Abstract/Bio)

15.00 Michael Kurzmeier (Maynooth University): Web defacements and takeovers and their role in web archiving (Abstract/Bio)

15.40 Dr. Anne Helmond (University of Amsterdam) & Fernando van der Vlist (Utrecht University): Platform and app histories: Assessing source availability in web archives and app repositories (Abstract/Bio)

Session 4b: Culture, Memory & Sport (Seminar R1)

14.40 Dr. Philipp Budka (University of Vienna; Free University Berlin): Traces of Digital Decoloniality in an Indigenous Web-Based Environment (Abstract/Bio)

15.00 Helena Byrne (British Library): From the sidelines to the archived web: What are the most annoying football phrases in the UK? (Abstract/Bio)

15.20 Katie Mackinnon (University of Toronto): DELETE MY ACCOUNT: Ethical Approaches to Researching Youth Cultures in Historical Web Archives (Abstract/Bio)

15.40 Dr. Susan Aasman (University of Groningen): Changing platforms of ritualized memory practices. Assessing the value of family websites (Abstract/Bio)

16.00 BREAK

Session 5a: Infrastructures & Interoperability (Seminar R1)

16.30 Mark Bell; Tom Storrar Dr. Eirini Goudarouli; Pip Willcox (The National Archives, UK); David Beavan; Dr. Barbara McGillivray; Dr. Federico Nanni (The Alan Turing Institute): Cross-sector interdisciplinary collaboration to discover topics and trends in the UK Government Web Archive: a reflection on process (Abstract/Bio)

16.50 Dr. Jessica Ogden (University of Southampton) & Emily Maemura (University of Toronto): A tale of two web archives: Challenges of engaging web archival infrastructures for research (Abstract/Bio)

Session 5b: Focussed Archival Methods (TR Lab)

16.30 Benedikt Adelmann MSc & Dr. Lina Franken (University of Hamburg): Thematic web crawling and scraping as a way to form focussed web archives (Abstract/Bio)

16.50 Anisa Hawes (Independent Curatorial Researcher): Archiving 1418-Now using Rhizome’s Webrecorder: observations and reflections (Abstract/Bio)

Session 6a: Web Archives as Scholarly Dataset (Seminar R1)

17.10 Dr. Helge Holzmann & Mr. Jefferson Bailey (Internet Archive): Web Archives as Scholarly Dataset to Study the Web (Abstract/Bio)

Closing Remarks (Iontas Theatre)

17.40 Michael Kurzmeier and Sharon Healy (Maynooth University): The Future of EWA

18.00 RECEPTION (Iontas Foyer)

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