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/ Data Archive Interoperability Working Group Presentations

Report on Development of the OAIS Suite of Digital Preservation Standards

Dr David Giaretta

Mr. John Garrett

Mr. Mike Kearney

Mr. Steve Hughes

Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS), Data Archive Interoperability (DAI) Working Group)


The presentation will provide information about standards being developed which guide how adequate information is collected before it is ingested in an archive described bythe Open Archive Information System (OAIS) standard developed by CCSDS and ISO, and then how archives can exchange information with consumers and other archives to take best advantage, in terms of use and value, of the information being preserved. 

We will describe first the guidelines for collecting the information needed to preserve information which may be created or collected by projects ranging from the very small to the very large. Checklists are provided to make sure that at each stage people are aware of the types of information that should be captured which will be needed by the archive responsible for preservation.

Then we will explain the technical approach that CCSDS is developing for an OAIS Interoperability Framework (OAIS-IF).  The general technical approach and overall architecture will be presented.  The OAIS-IF mechanisms for deriving benefits from system interoperability (users-to-archives and archives-to-archives) will be illustrated. 

While the scope of OAIS digital preservation is much broader than internet/web preservation, we are coming to the web archiving community with the goal of (1) increasing awareness of OAIS and its potential applicability to internet/web preservation, (2) explaining the plan for an interoperable data architecture applicable to all preservation archives, (3) seeking feedback from the web archiving community for the OAIS documents currently in development.

Ultimately, we expect that by ubiquitous usage of interoperability interface standards, we will contribute to the increasing probability that truly long-term digital preservation works for our world’s digital assets, including web preservation.

Keywords: Interoperability; OAIS-IF; CCSDS; ISO; cross-domain research

Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS), Data Archive Interoperability (DAI) Working Group

CCSDS is the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems. It started in 1982 developing data and communications interoperability standards for data systems (flight and ground) that are used in space missions. While CCSDS is organized by space agencies, it is inclusive of other non-space organizations, industry and academia. CCSDS consists of about 22 working groups, one of which is the Data Archive Interoperability WG. The DAI WG is focused on long-term digital preservation archives. With extensive support from non-space-industry organizations (national archives and libraries from various countries, academia, other industry domains, etc.), the DAI WG developed the Reference Model for OAIS. Due to its wide applicability, OAIS became broadly adopted outside of the space industry. CCSDS and DAI standards are procedurally adopted by and published by ISO (as CCSDS functions as ISO TC20/SC13). The DAI has published many standards that support OAIS and that are applicable to some space-related archives as well as other “generic” preservation archives globally. 

Mr. Michael W. Kearney III

Sponsored by Google, Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Dr. David Giaretta

PTAB Ltd, Dorset, UK

Mr. John Garrett

Garrett Software, Columbia, Maryland USA

Mr. Steve Hughes

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, USA

David Giaretta has led developments of standards in digital preservation (ISO 14721), in particular audit and certification of repositories (ISO 16363 and 16919) and developed practical and coherent solutions and services that will help repositories seeking ISO certification while adding value to their holdings.

Mike Kearney is an engineering graduate of the University of Kentucky. He worked for NASA for 34 years in Systems Engineering and Technology positions; including chairmanship of the international standards body CCSDS, until retiring from NASA in 2015. He is now working with the non-profit Space Infrastructure Foundation and volunteers time for Google who sponsors attendance at Digital Preservation forums.

John Garrett is an engineering graduate from Missouri University for Science and Technology and a Computer Science graduate of Johns Hopkins University. He spent 25 years working as a contractor for NASA’s National Space Science Data Archive, including many years representing their needs and interests while developing digital preservation standards. He was instrumental in developing the OAIS Reference Model and continues to help lead the CCSDS DAI efforts developing OAIS related standards and standards for certifying Trustworthy Digital Repositories.

Steve Hughes is a Principal Computer Scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Three decades of experience with NASA’s official archive for Solar System Exploration science data, the Planetary Data System. Chief architect for the archive’s information architecture which is based on principles from the Open Archive Information System (OAIS) Reference Model (ISO-14721) and the ISO/IEC 11179 Metadata Registry (MDR) standard. Member of the Primary Trusted Digital Repository Accreditation Board (PTAB). Associate member of Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Center for Data Science and Technology, a virtual center for research, development and operations of data intensive and data-driven science systems.  He was awarded the NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal for exceptional service to NASA science missions and data archives, architecting and implementing data intensive systems, information models, and ontologies for three decades.

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