#EWA4DH – Programme

#WebArchiveWednesday – 01 September 2021

17.00 (IRE) / 18.00 (CEST)

Session: Welcome to #EWA4DH

Dr Juan-José Boté (University of Barcelona) / Bio

Sharon Healy (Maynooth University) / Bio

Michael Kurzmeier (Maynooth University) / Bio

17.10 (IRE) / 18.10 (CEST)

Session: Connecting Communities

Chair: Dr Juan-José Boté (University of Barcelona)

Prof. Niels Brügger, Prof. Valérie Schafer, Prof. Jane Winters

(WARCnet Team)

WARCnet. Web ARChive studies network researching web domains and events

S. Healy; Dr O. Holownia; M. Kurzmeier; J. Webber

(WARST project team)

Web Archives – Researcher Skills & Tools Survey (WARST)

17.30 (IRE) / 18.30 (CEST)

Session: Digital “Living” Archives and the News

Chair: Prof. David Malone (Maynooth University)

Dr Kalev Leetaru / Bio / Video Presentation

(The GDELT Project)

What type of research questions can be answered with GDELT?

Quick Break / Scíth 

18.15 (IRE) / 19.15 (CEST)

Session: Showcase – Post-grads & Early Career researchers

Chair: Sharon Healy (Maynooth University) and Dr Olga Holownia (IIPC)

Vicky Truter / Bio / SLIDES

(University of Cape Town)

Research Data Management and Sharing Practices of Researchers in Web Archive Studies


Dr. Eamonn Bell / Bio

(Trinity College Dublin / Durham University)

Wrangling web archive URLs and inferring site structure with Python

Derren Wilson / Bio / SLIDES

(Manchester Metropolitan University)

Tools and methods for analysing configurations of web design: A case study of the CSS Zen Garden source code

Michael Kurzmeier / Bio

(Maynooth University)

Extracting Information from Cybercrime Archives

Quick Break / Scíth 

19.15 (IRE) / 20.15 (CEST) / 13.15 (Huntsville)


Chair: Dr Juan-José Boté (Universitat de Barcelona)

The Keynote is available to view online from the CCSDS website

Data Archive Interoperability Working Group Presentations

Dr David Giaretta

On behalf of the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS), Data Archive Interoperability (DAI) Working Group)

Report on Development of the OAIS Suite of Digital Preservation Standards


20.15 (IRE) / 21.15 (CEST): Final Comments


Goodnight & Thank You

Am le dul a Leaba

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