#EWA4DH – Organisers


Michael Kurzmeier: Michael is a fourth-year PhD candidate in Digital Humanities and recipient of the Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship. His research interest is the intersection between technology and society. His PhD thesis investigates the use of hacktivism as a tool of political expression.

Dr Juan-José Boté: Juan-José is Assistant Professor at Universitat de Barcelona where he is also the coordinator of the Postgraduate Program on Social Media Content. His research is focused on digital preservation and cultural heritage.

Sharon Healy is is a fourth-year PhD Candidate and GOIPG Irish Research Council scholar in Digital Humanities, in the Department of Computer Science, at Maynooth University. Her research focuses on bridging the gap between the creation of web archives and the use of the archived web for current and future research in an Irish context.

Dr. Joseph Timoney: Joseph is the Head of the Department of Computer Science at Maynooth University. His research interests are based in the area of audio signal processing, with a focus on musical sound synthesis and the digital modelling of analogue subtractive synthesis. 


Prof. David Malone: David is a Professor in Maynooth University’s Hamilton Institute and Department of Mathematics & Statistics. His interests include mathematical modeling and measurement of WiFi, PLC and password use. He also works on IPv6 and systems administration.

Jason Webber: Jason has been working for the UK Web Archive as the Web Archive Engagement Manager since 2014. The UK Web Archive is a partnership of the Six UK Legal Deposit Libraries and aims to collect, store and give access to the historic UK Web Space. Based at the British Library, Jason works with various academic and non-academic partners and collaborators to promote and facilitate the use of the web archive.

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