IT History Exhibition

As part of the #EWA20 conference, we will be hosting an exhibition of Irish IT histories and memorabilia, in the Iontas Foyer on 16 April 2020.

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to the TechArchives project for their kind assistance with this.

In Ireland — The first connection to the Internet as we know it (via TCP/IP), went live in Trinity College Dublin in June 1991. The first web server and website in Ireland can be traced back to 1991/92 in University College Cork (CURIA project); and other websites followed in 1993 from IONA Technologies, TCD Maths, IEunet, and University of Limerick. The growth of Irish websites was slow at first, but this changed by the end of 1995 due to international developments in browser technology, and the growth of internet service providers in Ireland (see TechArchives, How the internet came to Ireland; David Malone, Early Irish Web Stuff).

As researchers begin to negotiate and write the history of Ireland for the 1990s, whether it is social, cultural, political or even economic, it seems inevitable that they will also need to consider the history of IT in Ireland – in terms of how the introduction of the internet and the WWW began to infiltrate the fabric of Irish life, work and play.

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