Professor Niels Brügger

Niels Brügger is a Professor in Media Studies, Head of NetLab, part of the Danish Digital Humanities Lab, and head of the Centre for Internet Studies at Aarhus University in Denmark. He is a Coordinator of the European network RESAW, a Research Infrastructure for the Study of Archived Web Materials, and the managing editor of the international journal Internet histories: Digital technology, culture and society. He has initiated the research projects “Probing a Nation’s Web Domain — the Historical Development of the Danish Web” (2014-) and “the history of, 1996-2006” (2007-), and co-initiated the research infrastructure project NetLab (2012-17) within the Digital Humanities Lab. 

Professor Brügger’s research interests are the history of the Internet as a means of communication, and Digital Humanities, including archiving the Internet as well as the use of digital research tools. Other interests include media theory, the Internet, and the relation between the two with a view to (re)evaluating the status and relevance of existing media theories and methods.

Recent publications include:

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